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PROJECTS (selection)

Prove of concept campaign for transport of blood and medical products with VTOL UAS  in  Ethiopia (2018-2020)

Execution of a proof of concept project for the transport of blood and medical products with vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing UAS in Ethiopia for LifeBank and Endeva in the framework of the DDG (Drone Doing Good) initiative.

Assessment of the early stage of bark beetle attac at spruces (2020-2022)

For the detection of the early stage of bark beetle attac on spruce trees time series of remote sensed images taken with special sensors at UAS were analysed to detect anomalies in the transpiration of spruces.  With a specific model it is possible to get hints for a "green attac" stage. In cooperation withe the aeroDCS GmbH and the forest management of the state Rheinland-Pfalz.

SDR Ethiopien.JPG
Management of erosion in the low lands of ethiopia (2019-2021)

Set up of a system to monitor erosion and design anti-erosion-measures with low cost UAS in the lowlands of Ethiopia.

Training of local pilots, training of staff of the GIZ and the ministry of agriculture in analysing of the data. Optimising of the measures.  Client GIZ SDR project Ethiopien.

Development of VTOL UAS (2014-2020)

Development of vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing UAS (Songbird 3000, Songbird 500), as founder and CTO of the Aerolution GmbH (now Germandrones). Development of workflows for surveying of larger areas, resource managment and monitoring.

Assessment of nightly light pollution of a settlement with UAS (2020)

The nightly light pollution of settlements can be a thread for nightly active animals (e.g. bats). As well the connection between nightly light pollution and the insects deaths must be investigated. In a pilot projekt a method was developed to derive a map of the nightly light pollution of a town in southern Germany in a high spatial resolution with UAS and special sensors. Client was the RP Freiburg, in cooperation with WWL.

Development of communal financial cataster in Sambia and Malawi (2013-2015)

Due to non exisiting cataster maps and and not consistent tax data bases only a small fraction of the communal property taxes could be collected in Sambia and Malawi. In a pilot project cataster maps had been created with UAS and linked with the tax data bases. With this measure the communal property taxes could be raised from less than 20% to more as 80% of the possible amount. Client was the GIZ and communes in Sambia and Malawi.

Mapping of 400 km² in a wadi in Sudan for archeological investigations (2015)

For the detection of archeological artefacts an aera of 400km² of wadi in Sudan was mapped with UAS in a spatial resolution of 8cm x 8cm. Every evening the data had been processed in the camp and a object detection of archeological artefacts was performed. This data was transferred on tablets, so that the archeologists could investigate the artefacts at the next moring.

In co-laboration with the FU-Berlin and Universität in Münster.

Modellierung Siedlungsdynamik Hanoi 2015
Modelling the urban dynamics of Hanoi (2012-2015)

For a sustainable urban planning, a model for simulating the settlement dynamics of Hanoi under different boundary conditions has been developed. The necessary parameter were gained by analysing satellite data, terrestric data collection and geostatistic analysis. As well a GIS for urban planning purposes has beem set up. In collaboration with the Institute for Urban Planning of Hanoi and the FU-Berlin

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